B2B content marketing is fantastic for generating profitable leads. But all too often, businesses simply think of content marketing as inbound marketing, or as social media marketing. In doing so they limit their options and compromise their results.

Even among content evangelists, too many limit their horizons simply to their Google page rank, Twitter retweets and links.

While all these are good, stopping there leaves way too much value on the table for our liking.

At our core, we are fundamentally an outbound, campaign-led agency. Why? Because it works.

With an outbound-led approach, there is no question of struggling to attribute ROI. There is no speculation about when social shares will convert into real business leads. And there's nowhere to hide.

Today, most of our clients use some form of marketing automation. They understand the power this gives them to have more meaningful interactions with customers and prospects. And, to ensure that they have the right impact at the right time, we structure our content into cycles that match the critical stages of the sales and marketing funnel.

While this inevitably means a degree of interruption marketing, we do everything we can to only ever interrupt potential buyers with something they will find genuinely useful in their day-to-day working lives. In doing so, we help our clients become the go-to brands for when customers need to solve the critical challenges they face in their businesses.

The result? Greater cut-through. Increased customer loyalty. And higher sales.


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