We're getting in touch because you've previously downloaded our Content Marketing Upgrade ebook and we think we may have something to offer your marketing efforts.

We've taken a look at some of your available content and how you're using it through HubSpot (as far as it's possible to see from the outside). It looks like you're already doing some good stuff. However, we think there are a number of ways you could be getting more from your activities.

We've highlighted some initial thoughts below.


3 things we think you're doing well

You have a good range of downloadable content in multiple formats and pegged to different buyer personas — the Sabre Labs material is interesting a demonstrates real thought leadership.

You've got HubSpot in place (though it seems not to be integrated with your main site). You're also being smart about what you gate and what you don't. The question is: Do you have a structured way to run a content-led demand generation programme to prospects?

You have some good video content spanning a range of topics. Some is a little long (viewing falls off a cliff at 90-seconds). Some (like the Why Do We Travel? video) looks great but could deliver more of a 'so what?' element. And viewing figures are on the low side for much of the video content.

3 areas where you could get better results

Your current content tends to sit either at the top of the funnel (thought leadership) or at the bottom of the funnel (product), you don't have much mid-funnel content to help prospects solve their problems. This is often the highest performing material you can create.

Your ebooks/whitepapers are a bit dense—lots of words per page, not much white space. The subheads tend to be descriptive rather than helping build the argument and drawing the reader in. And there could be more focus on what the reader should do next.

There is not a great deal of interactive content available. Using tactics such as benchmarking tools, quizzes, ROI tools etc can help drive greater engagement and give your sales teams valuable information about your prospects. It would also make good on the Sabre Labs focus on being cutting edge.

Why should you listen to us?

We'll keep this short, you're busy after all.

Considered Content is an outbound B2B marketing agency that creates customer-focused, content-led campaigns for demand generation. We structure these into content cycles that align to key stages in the customer buying cycle, removing the friction that holds so many sales back. And because we focus on campaigns, you can quickly and easily see what's working and the tangible results you get for your investment.

Our team has worked with a huge variety of companies across the B2B, technology and professional services sectors. There is no level of complexity in either product or sales cycle that we're uncomfortable with. In fact, we specialise in making the complex simple and compelling.


Some of the companies we already work with

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